Bristol Osteopath

Reflexology was practiced in ancient times in Egypt, India and China. In 1913 the American doctor William Fitzgerald introduce this therapy to the West, His ideas were further refined by Eunice Ingham, then in 1960 Doreen Bayley introduced reflexology to England.

Reflexology treats the whole body through the feet of hands. These reflex points relate to specific organs of the body. Using a series of gentle non-invasive pressure and point stimulation techniques, blockages are cleared and the free flow of vital energy to the whole body stimulated, enhancing the immune system and promoting natural healing abilities.

The treatment is very relaxing, inducing deep relaxation and calming effects, Reflexology is suitable for all ages. Holistic antenatal and postnatal care is known to benefit the future mother and baby. It balances and relaxes on all levels and helps in the preparation for labour and the recovery from labour itself.